A Terrible Thing

A terrible thing happened to my blog the other day. I dissolved it. I was having a problem with it. So I backed the entire thing up and deleted it.

BIG mistake.

I thought I would be able to do one of two things: either restore the entire blog from the back up or restore parts of the blog from the back up. However, the back up software did not recognize its own back up. And I discovered that while all the images I had posted were backed up, all the text was saved as code either in a .php document or a .sql document. Since I’m not enough of a computer geek to know which is which and how to translate them back into a readable text document (by readable I mean minus all the computer jargon/language.

That’s why, if my blog was gone for a day and if it looks different to you (by different I mean nothing older than a few days), that’s why. I will replace what I can. Since my back up is not a back up that makes any sense to me, that will not be a lot. However, this blog will go on. It just has a new starting place. A new inception date.


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