Review: Stuck

cover- "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers‘It all began when Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree…’ What would you do if you were little and your kite was stuck? You might throw something at it. That’s what Floyd does in Oliver Jeffers latest book, ‘Stuck.’

Floyd throws his shoe, but it gets stuck, too. He gets other stuff and throws it at the kite, but that stuff gets stuck too. He throws such things as ‘his cat Mitch (who got stuck because we all know how cats are notorious for getting stuck in trees),’ a ladder, a saw, a chair, his door, ‘the milkman, who surely had somewhere else to be,’ a rhino, ‘the curious whale, in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ a boat, a ship, a whale, a fire-engine including the firemen, and a gorilla. Does he ever get his kite back? You’ll laugh your way through this book from beginning to end… then you’ll find out.

The illustrations are brilliant because they are simple yet engaging – something that adds to the book’s charm. Also, some interesting color choices help keep the tree and its ever-growing collection interesting by emphasizing the progression of items as the

day progresses from morning to evening.

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