Review: Mr Duck Means Business

Mr. Duck is a businessman. He has so much to do that he follows a schedule. He likes his quiet, cover - "Mr Duck Means Business" - Tammi Sauerunchanging life. Then one day life changes with a splash. A pig cannonballs into Mr. Duck’s pond. Soon a cow, a horse, goat, lamb and some chicks turn the peacefulness into a party.

“The water got wild. The scenery got crowded. And the peace and quiet?
Mr. Duck tapped.
He flapped.
He totally SNAPPED.

He orders them out of his pond. Soon it is quiet. Too quiet. Mr Duck is bored. Perhaps he is lonely. He makes a small change in his schedule and makes some friends.

Tammi Sauer’s Mr. Duck Means Business is a fun read. Kids will giggle at Mr. Duck’s determination, not to mention the fun the other animals have when they invade the pond.

Jeff Mack’s illustrations are colorful and amusing. I love the expressions on the animals faces.

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