A Rather Ghostly Prompt

You’re late. You’re supposed to be home by 8:05. It’s now 8:05. If you go home the way you usuallyCemetary at night go, around the cemetery, even if you run as fast as you can, you know it will be after 8:15 and you’ll surely be grounded, even though you called and said you were going to be late. Your parents have very strict rules.

If you cut across the cemetery though, you can be home in two minutes and might be able to talk your parents out of grounding you. After all, you did call.

Funny thing about the cemetery, it’s very dark. It might have ghosts.

You are running very fast, saying to yourself, “I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts.” A voice next to you says, “Why not.”

Write the story.




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