Review: Septimus Heap, Magyk

cover - "Septimus Heap, Magyk" by Angie Sage

Okay, I’m hooked on this series. Septimus Heap, Magyk by Angie Sage was a fun read. It’s not Harry Potter, although it’s similar in that there is a boy learning to be a wizard and there is an evil wizard trying to take over the boy’s world. Although it drags at times, the story is well written and supplies enough action, emotion, and magyk to keep the pages turning.

Big things are expected of Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son, because he is just that a 7 of 7. Unfortunately Sepitmus is carried away and his parents are told that he died. At the same time a baby girl comes into their lives. It does not take Sarah and Silas Heap long to realize this child is the Princess, the future queen who was whisked out of the castle by the Extraordinary Wizard (the second most important person in the kingdom) during a coup that left her mother dead. On Jenna, the child’s, 10th birthday the new ruler also discover’s that the princess is alive and the Heaps flee along with the Extraordinary Wizard. From there it is a trip down a laundry chute, down a river, and across a swamp with imminent disaster following them at every turn. They are chased by an assassin, a hunter, and the evil wizard who needs the Princess dead. Tossed here and there into the story are a some unusual creatures, and a handful of ghosts.

If you like middle grade adventure stories, Septimus Heap, Magyk (the first book in a seven book series) should be added to your collection. If you liked Harry Potter, you’ll probably enjoy this, too.

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