There Are Dreams and Nightmares and…

Dream!Most people have dreams, some have two or three a night. I hardly ever dream. Maybe I sleep too soundly, maybe I just don’t c are.

When I was ten years old I was waking up just about every night in the middle of a nightmare. The night after I had a particularly scary nightmare I decided to try stopping the nightmares. I fell asleep saying over and over, “I will not dream anymore.” That worked. Not only did I stop having nightmares, I had almost no dreams at all. Now, I know that’s not true, at least that’s what the dream scientists tell us. According to them, everybody dreams. Some people, like me, just don’t remember them. However, about ten years ago I started occasionally remembering my dreams, about once or twice a month.

Some people have fairly exciting, often quite scary dreams. Mine, however, are always rather mundane. Once in a while I dream about one or more of the dogs I’ve had over the years. Usually, though, they’re not quite as much fun.

This is the kind of thing I usually dream about: last night I dreamed about the bathroom, the shower specifically. Someone, a woman, I no longer remember who, maybe my mom, was trying to get the soap scum off my shower walls. She got most of it, but there were a couple pretty obvious bands of it that marred the otherwise shiny walls.

I went and rummaged through my cleaning supplies and found one ‘guaranteed’ to remove soap scum. It might have worked on TV, but it didn’t work in my dream bathroom. The dream ended when I left to find a paint scraper.

See, exciting. Now, I think for most people who have interesting dreams that dream would have continued. They would have encountered a monster of some kind – a dinosaur, the thing from ‘Alien,’ King-Kong – who would have been guarding the paint scraper. A battle and chase would have ensued. Maybe the paint scraper would have been liberated, maybe the chase would have led to a hardware store, maybe to a factory where they make paint scrapers, maybe to a supply closet at the White House. The dream would have become more and more exciting or frightening.

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll tell you about the dream I had about the time I made a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Oh, and then there’s the one about the coffee. I’m sure you’ll want to hear about that one.

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