Review: A Couple of Boys Having the Best Week Ever

cover 'A Couple of Boys' by Marla FrazeeWould you think spending a week with somebody’s grandparents could be the best week of your life, even if it’s your best friend’s grandparents? At first glance, maybe not. The two boys having ‘the best week ever’ don’t exactly spend the week with the grandparents. Their daytimes are spent at day camp. The rest of the time they are at the mercy of the grandparents or, in this case the grandparents are at the mercy of the boys.

The boys of A Couple of Boys Having the Best Week Ever are James and Eamon. Their ‘best week ever’ is with Eamon’s grandparents. The boys are good friends, basically good kids, very silly at times and a bit mischievous at others. Eamon’s grandparents like to have a little fun, too. They are the way grandparents are supposed to be: generous, understanding, and able to allow the boys to explore their childhood.

Grandma serves waffles and Grandpa Bill isn’t careful with his language, especially when he’s driving. They basically leave the boys alone to let them play video games, play pranks, and do the things boys having fun like to do.

This Caldecott Honor-winning book of Marla Frazee has both story and illustrations by Marla that work well together to tell a tale that is a moving and hilarious celebration of imagination, young boys, and friendships.


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