Review: Alice the Fairy

cover 'Alice the Fairy' by David ShannonCaldecott Honor artist and bestselling author David Shannon’s warm and funny new picture book introduces Alice the Fairy. It’s a cute, funny book about a child who wants to be a magic fairy.

Alice is a mischievous little girl with a “No, David” nose for trouble and a magic wand. She’s just a ‘temporary‘ fairy. That means her magic is limited, but she’s learning so that eventually she will be a ‘permanent‘ fairy.

She practices her magic on the things and people in her home, including her dad and her dog. She gets into trouble, but her coincidental magic helps her deal with it. She wants to use her magic to float her dog to the ceiling and to help put her clothes away. Does it work? If you believe in magic, it could.

The story mixes fantasy and realism as Alice imagines she is a credible fairy. I think any child who loves fantasy, silliness, and magic will love this book, especially girls.

As is the case with all of Caldecott honor artist, David Shannon’s books, the artwork is outstanding, with pictures even in the words that make up the text.


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