Review: The Black Rabbit

cover 'The Black Rabbit' by Pilippa LeathersOne fine day Rabbit notices a large, black rabbit following him. No matter where Rabbit goes, no matter where he runs, no matter where he tries to hide, Black Rabbit follows. Rabbit spends the day hiding behind a tree, across some water and flees into the deep, dark woods where Rabbit thinks he is finally safe from the scary Black Rabbit.

In the dim light Rabbit sees a pair of very big eyes staring back at him. He thinks Black Rabbit has found him again, but it turns out to be something much worse.

The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers is both sweet and sour, funny and frightening. It explores the fine line between friend and enemy, courage and fear in a humorous and entertaining way. We’ve all been frightened at one time or another, sometimes feeling like we’re being watched or followed. It is especially true for children who often feel very small and helpless. That’s the storyline of The Black Rabbit.

Simple, clean, clear watercolor and ink illustrations bring this adventure to life. Rabbit looks so cute, but so very small in the presence of Black Rabbit.

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