Review: This Moose Belongs to Me

cover 'This Moose Belongs to Me' by Oliver JeffersWilfred wears red suspenders and a bow tie. Wilfred wants a pet.

One day Wilfred happens upon a moose and decides the moose can be his pet. Wilfred names the moose, Marcel and establishes some rules for being a good pet. Marcel doesn’t follow the rules, though and wanders off.

One day Wilfred follows his moose and sees someone else who thinks she owns Marcel. She calls him, Rodrigo, and gives him an apple.

Saddened, Wilfred heads home, but he gets lost until Marcel comes to his rescue. This leads Wilfred to establish a new rule: Marcel can follow the rules to being a good pet when he wants that way he and Wilfred can be friends.

The illustrations in This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers, combine oil paintings on old linotype and painted landscapes… I have a friend who would want a copy of this book just to tear out the pages to frame them.

The language Oliver Jeffers chooses might be too difficult at times for young readers, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked a lot of ‘what does this mean’ questions when reading this delightful book.


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