Prompt: The Night Before Halloween

Old House

From your bedroom window you can see an abandoned old house. You’ve walked past it many times before. Once it was a beautiful house, but now the roof sags, the paint is peeling, the windows are boarded up and all your friends say it’s a ‘ghost house’ even though no one’s ever been in it.

The night before Halloween you happen to look out at the old house. It seems to be glowing, as if the entire house is lit up. You get a pair of binoculars. You can see that the boards have been removed. There is light coming from every window and it looks like the roof isn’t sagging anymore. You don’t see any sign of any people. There are no cars in the driveway, no one appears to be in any of the rooms.

What will you see when you go trick or treating there tomorrow? Will you knock on the door in the first place?


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