Review: Owl Moon

cover 'Owl Moon' by Jane YolenOwl Moon is a beautiful, poetic (not rhyming) story about a child who goes ‘owling’ with dad at night, in the snow, by the light of a full moon.

While this is an exciting adventure and the child wants to talk and shout and scream, she realizes the need to be very quiet during the entire walk. “If you go owling you have to be quiet,” the child says. They don’t speak, but the child hears the sound of their footsteps, the sound of a train whistle blowing “long and low, like a sad, sad song,” and the owl hooting in the distance.

Jane Yolen has written such a captivating story, I felt like I was there ‘owling’ with them. The watercolor illustrations by John Schoenherr are gorgeous and help create a serene, moonlit night in the forest. They are worthy of the Caldecott Medal the book won many years ago. Owl Moon is now fifty years old, but it’s as fresh as if it was written yesterday, as all ‘classic‘ picture books should be.

Owl Moon is at the top of my list of wonderful stories to read at bed time.


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