Review: Otis And the Tornado

cover - 'Otis & the Tornado ' by Loren LongOtis does it again.

Otis is a good farm tractor. He takes care of everything on the farm, especially his friends. He even tries to like the mean and grumpy, “Mr. Bull,” but Mr. Bull doesn’t want to be liked. Everyone on the farm is afraid of Mr. Bull and that’s the way he likes it.

The status quo on the farm suddenly gets jolted when a tornado appears on the horizon. The humans rush down into their shelter, leaving the animals to fend for themselves. Otis the tractor doesn’t think like that. He doesn’t think of himself first. He frees the animals from their pens and leads them to safety in a deep gully.

Wait a minute though, somebody’s been forgotten. Otis rushes back into the teeth of the storm to free Mr. Bull and lead him to safety, too. When the storm passes it takes with it any ill will that existed. Mr. Bull realizes he is not hated by everyone and that it’s better having friends than having none. Otis does it again.

You’ll like Loren Long’s Otis And the Tornado illustrations, especially fierce Mr. Bull and the even more fierce looking storm.

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