Review: Dodger

DodgerDodger by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Only my second Terry Pratchett book, so it looks like I have many, many more to read. This was a fascinating take on Charles Dickens Character, Dodger or Jack Dodger.

Pratchett’s Dodger is a man who makes his living primarily finding things in London’s sewers. He is smart and wily though. And thanks to Dickens’ happening upon Dodger in the act of saving the life of a girl who is being assaulted. Thus begins a romance between the girl and Dodger as well as Dodger’s climb up through the layers of London society to the point where he is accepted by such people as Benjamin Disraeli and the Queen of England. Dodger also happens to break up an attempted robbery at the offices of the paper where Dickens happens to work and shortly after he disarms Sweeney Todd and inadvertently helps the police capture him.

Terry Pratchett has written a wonderful romp through early Victorian London. He gives us a hero to fall in love with, root for, applaud, and find both surprising and amazing as he solves the mystery of who this girl is that Dodger has saved.

This is, like the other Terry Pratchett books I’ve read, an innovative story. If I hadn’t decided to read more of Terry Pratchett, then I after reading Dodger it would surprise me if I didn’t.

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