Not So Surprising Stats: Children and the Internet

For some reason I saved this short list of Kids and the Internet stats. I guess Stats: Children and the Internetsomething about it surprised me, although I now have no idea what it was.

The 25% with at least one social network doesn’t surprise me. Years ago I got a My Space page. When I started looking around at other pages I realized it was a place for kids, many of them nine and ten years old. I did not find a single person older than 50. It frightened me to be there. I didn’t want to be thought of as some dirty old man spying on children. I quickly deleted my account.

Likewise the 17% being social media users at age ten is not surprising. I have friends who set up Facebook pages for their children when the kids were infants. Some of them have been used to tell stories about the child. Others laid dormant until the child understood how to use it.

The 17% of those posting hateful messages online doesn’t surprise me. Just spend a day or two in a middle school and that 17% might seem like an understatement.

The one stat that does surprise me is that 1.16% of kids start watching porn as early as age 6. After seeing a couple six year olds smoking the fact that they are watching porn doesn’t surprise me. I was about that age when I found one of my dad’s Playboy magazines. While I knew what I was looking at, it didn’t mean anything to me. It didn’t excite me in any way.

So, that stat has me wondering two things: are kids maturing that early so that what they are watching actually excites them. Second, do they continue watching it into adulthood and if they do, does it excite them or is it boring in the same way a statue of a naked woman I first noticed when I was ten that was boring by the time I was eleven?


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