One Reason Why Writing Is Difficult

Writing is incredibly difficult. If you are a story teller, it seems it should be easy. However, there is a great difference, a difference wider than a rift in the Earth that you need all  your strength to jump across.

For instance, if you use this sentence while telling a story you could be telling one of I Never Said She Stole My Moneyseven different stories: This Sentence :  I never said she stole my money.

Say this outloud seven times and each time you do, emphasize a different word. Each time the story you are telling about yourself or this particular girl changes.

This is one reason why writing is so difficult. The writer knows what is meant when the sentence is written, but if the reader reads it differently, somewhere along the way the reader will probably be confused and will either reread the story until that particular sentence is found or the reader might just toss the story aside because it wasn’t what was expected.

This is also why reading is difficult. I’ve read stories on the radio (usually for adults), and in classrooms, often for second and third graders. I’ve found that if, for some reason, I haven’t previously read the story. I could suddenly find I’m not reading the same story that was written.

This is why it’s good for a writer to read outloud and, if possible, listen to someone else reading the work outloud. Here’s why: If I take the above sentence and bold type a word you will be more likely to know what I’m trying to say. This Sentence : I never said she stole my money.

On the other hand the writer might realize the sentence needs to be rewritten: She may have stolen some money, but she didn’t any of mine.

I knew a woman who made her living translating English to Spanish and vice versa. She said English was much more difficult than Spanish because so many words in English have more than one meaning and sentences can be phrased in so many ways.


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