Darn, I Wish I’d Thought of That

It happens often enough. I see something I think was extremely clever and I wish I’d thought of it. Every day I see a number of clever things, but I don’t always wish I’d thought of them. In fact it’s somewhat rare that something causes the feeling, somewhat along the lines of envy, but not really, that I should have thought of it because I think along those lines. I was a bit of a ‘smart-ass’ in school. Maybe I’ve always been ‘a bit of a smart-ass.” I remember looking at a test once and realizing I couldn’t answer a single question, so I wrote at the bottom, “See next page for answers.” Of course there was no next page and of course I got an “F,” but at least the teacher said, “Nice try,” when he handed the paper back to me, which now had a blank sheet of paper attached to it. He said, “Fill in the bland and return it  to me on Monday.” I did and he changed my grade to a “D.” Hey, that’s a lot better than an “F” considering.

Here are some things I wish I’d thought of:

Math-question My choice was only neatly print or typewrite




Stuck on an islandTrue-False



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