But What Is the R E A L Meaning?

What Did the Author MeanThe one time I took a Poetry Writing Course about the only thing I learned was that people find much more meaning in a poem than the author probably intended.

I wrote what I saw as a nice little poem about a leaf falling, fluttering in the breeze, bouncing along the ground, traveling far from its original home to until it was raked up into a pile of leaves and burned.

When I wrote it I had fun working with the images of the leaf’s movement. It surprised me that they found such things in my little poem as ‘metaphor for life and death,’ ‘it represents the many careers of a person’s life,’ ‘ the many phases of a person’s life,’ ‘ the aimlessness of existence,’ ‘the nostalgia of a fall day…’ and on and on they went while I just sat there, slightly amused.



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