Why Did I Just See ‘The Interview’

I just watched ‘The Interview,’ that new Seth Rogan film. I wasn’t going toThe Interview Poster see it because I heard it was terrible, but with all the publicity (I wasn’t going to let the North Koreans try to keep me from seeing a movie!) and after seeing that it had an IMDB rating of 7.9 I thought it couldn’t be all that bad.

It was ‘all that bad.’ In fact, it was worse. I think the North Koreans were doing us a favor by trying to keep Sony from releasing the movie.

I wondered how such a terrible movie could be rated so highly. Years ago I saw ‘Something About Mary,’ after most of my friends said it was a great movie. I thought it was trite, infantile, and not worth more than $1.50.

So, I did a little research and found that ‘The Interview’ was different in that most of my friends who’d seen it also thought it was terrible. I found that the movie had a 10.0 IMDB rating before it was released. In other words, the North Koreans don’t have access to IMDB, but Seth Rogan’s and James Franco‘s fans and many, many Americans who also don’t want the North Koreans to tell us we can’t watch a crappy movie if we want to spend $8.50 to watch a crappy movie.

I just gave ‘The Interview’ two stars on IMDB. That may have been generous, but I like Seth Rogan and the movie did have one or two funny lines (although I can’t remember either one of them). I noticed that in the day or so since I checked IMDB the movies rating has dropped to 7.8, so if it was once 10.0 and it’s now 7.8, it seems there are quite a few people, like me, who are also rating it closer to what a movie we wouldn’t even recommend to a North Korean should be.

There is one question I should be, and am, asking myself, should I trust IMDB in the future? Probably not. Maybe I should start checking Rotten Tomatoes before I see a movie from now on.



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